There, where human perception ends, lives the silence that calls us untiringly every day.

Fisheye Magazine
It is said that there was a time when birds dressed like people and walked among us. 
That when we forgot the origin, they did not cross back into this world. 
But Urubu remained in the penumbra. 
There, where the earth ends and the mist begins, wandering, he lets himself be seen. 

He can be heard as a silent lament above the sound of the waves. 
With the leaden sky that intones its presence, 
With a gruff and lonely profile like a shadow of a black that has neither beginning nor end. 
The curious wind that from the sea beats against the wall 
And accompanies him as his voice. 
The ancients say that at nightfall,
He can be seen wandering on the top of the cliff. 

Urubu, half man, half vulture, is a mystery that has accompanied us since ancient Peru. 
Traveling from port to port along the coast.
Surviving as an urban myth, waiting, in the darkness of the cliff, to be finally found again. 

He who forgot his story, shall never see again.

They say there was a time when another world was imagined.

A secret haunts us.

"I couldn't reach the ground."

"I'm afraid to see him."

Many did not cross back over into this world.

With the relentless noise of the port, you can hardly hear the slow, abandoned beat of an ancient heart.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Penumbra belongs to the one who is neither from the other nor from this world.

"I have memories but I don't know if they're mine."

The threshold of the visible.

Urubus es un proyecto que desarrollé durante y gracias a la residencia fotográfica "Laboratorio de creación colectiva" del Festival Extramuros en Pucusana, Lima, Perú. Este encuentro se tuvo del 24 al 30 de agosto del 2019.​​​​​​​
Un agradecimiento especial a Diego Vargas.