Shipibo-Conibo: an indigenous nation resists with medicinal plants against the COVID-19 virus.​​​​​​​
Cantagallo is an indigenous community founded in the city of Lima, Peru, by the Shipibo-Conibo people who migrated from the Peruvian Rainforest in search of better opportunities. However, they are facing a very dangerous situation since 80% of the inhabitants are infected with the COVID-19 virus. 

Although the community is located in the urban center of Lima, the inhabitants do not have access to running water, basic services and health care. Indeed, the mandatory isolation only made their situation worse since they were locked in an area where the contagion was inevitable. During two months, more than 300 families have endured the virus with the careful use of their traditional medicines. They found shelter at their origin to protect themselves from the COVID-19 symptoms. 

The Peruvian Ministry of Health waited two months before taking action and protect the vulnerable indigenous people. On May 11, two Shipibo-Conibo died with COVID-19 symptoms. In the midst of the pandemic situation, the Shipibo-Conibo continue using medicinal plants such as rue, petiveria, tobacco, eucalyptus and ginger; as well as other Shipibo-Conibo recipes from their native Amazon forest. This is how they have brought the two worlds together.